Recommended Marketing Tools


Based on my learning and experience in the last 5 years that I have been engaged in internet marketing, I would recommend you to use the following tools and resources to achieve success.

1) Register Domain Names

Instead of directly promoting your replicated business URL, it would be beneficial for you, to register an appropriate domain name of your choice related to the business (subject to availability), mask the domain name for SEO (search engine optimization), and auto-forward this domain name to your replicated business website URL. This will make it easier for you to promote your business.
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2) Easily Create Your Website

You need not have any website designing or programming or coding skills to create a website. You could very easily create a website using easy website builders available, or you could learn how to create a professional website.
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3) Reliable Website Hosting


4) Autoresponders


5) Video Emails


6) URL Link Cloaker, Tracker & Advertising Tools



7) Social & Business Networking - Focused On Internet / Affiliate / Network Marketers

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8) Social Browsing


9) Generate More Traffic & Leads By Marketing To Lists of Internet / Network / Affiliate Marketers

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10) Traffic Exchanges