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Having obtained a fantastic education - engineering degree from India & postgraduate MBA from UK (thanks to my parents and teachers), excellent work experience - 22 years (thanks to all my past and current colleagues at work and business associates), marketing & business skills (thanks to all my mentors, guides and gurus), a good understanding of the working and multi-cultural dynamics in the Middle East (thanks to all the lovely people who I have interacted with during the past 13 years in the region), and a loving and supporting family, I now utilise my knowledge, skills, and experience to add value to individuals and businesses.

Having experienced a rapid career growth, I decided to quit my last job as Executive Vice President - Marketing & Audit, and leave the career rat race to become a marketing entrepreneur in 2004.

I own and manage a value-added marketing management consultancy and services business, where we utilise the power of SEO (search engine optimised) content, local online search marketing, social media & bookmarking, Google keywords research and analytics to help businesses targeting Dubai and UAE consumers to generate and capture more leads, establish relationships, which result in increased customers and revenues..

As a firm believer in establishing multiple streams of increasing passive income, I also engage in a portfolio of multiple direct selling / network / internet marketing businesses. I have had the opportunity to learn online marketing tools, techniques and systems from some of the world's best online marketers.
I share, guide, and help individuals to also establish multiple streams of increasing income, market online and achieve success.

I live in Dubai, a city with fantastic infrastructure, and located almost in the centre of the world in between Western and Eastern time zones, this makes Dubai the ideal place to engage in online marketing businesses, and support my global team members.

And thanks to a God who is great, good friends and fellow networkers and internet marketers, understanding customers and business associates, I am happy, and will strive and continue to add value to whoever I interact with.
I look forward to sharing, guiding, adding value, and helping you establish multiple streams of increasing income.

Take care and warm regards,
Ancel Fernandes
Internet Marketing Professional
Sharing, guiding & helping you market & earn more online
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